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The Next Generation Solid-State Stratum 1 Clock

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In the right place ..... with the right time.

OptiSynx Ltd. is developing the first ever alternative to the caesium atomic clock for the increasing number of customers requiring time accuracy up to Stratum 1 precision.

Click here for a primer as to the importance of precision synchronisation in telecoms networks as an example of the need for precision clocks.

Currently the only option is to use a rubidium oscillator regularly re-synchronised with a GPS receiver, but in this case your system / network is reliant on an external component out of your control.

Our patent-pending solid-state technology provides the user with a far simpler product, that is smaller, has lower power consumption, a lower initial cost and lower total cost of ownership together with being more robust, in addition to having a longer lifetime and time between services.

Browse our web site for more information about OptiSynx. If you have any questions or would like to speak with an OptiSynx representative regarding our technology or how it might benefit your company, please contact us.

With OptiSynx, the time has come to realise the advantages of deploying Stratum 1 quality-of-time throughout your system.


Time to own your own time?


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